Not just another leadership workshop: a transformational program designed to be pragmatic, immediately applicable and create long-term impact and influence. 

If you are a woman in a leadership role at any level, the Compass Leadership Program for Women will transform your thinking and provide practical skills to inspire and advance your career.  It is an opportunity not to be missed, facilitated by Fabian Dattner, one of Australia’s best known leadership commentators.

“Compass has certainly been the best leadership program I have attended. I have learned things about myself that will change my life and hopefully enable me to positively influence the lives of many women around me.”
Heidi Clarris, Department of Transport

“The Compass program completely changed my approach to life. I now have the confidence to take on challenges that I never would have dreamed of six months ago. It's the best thing I have ever done!”
Elise Lampe, Designer – Studio Works

“What's stopping you from being the best leader that you want to be... After 6 months with Compass, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!
Corinne Cadilhac, Department of Transport


A compelling three minutes on women and leadership...


This program is designed to enhance women’s leadership, pragmatically advancing their leadership contribution. Built on what women do best — work together to a shared outcome — expertise is offered in a collaborative, carefully designed process, building insight through dialogue.

Filled with candid discussion and focussed learning. Life changing choices are the everyday; world changing choices an outcome.


There is a much sought-after need for a leadership program for women that addresses the unique differences between men and women. Dattner Grant are making this accessible to women from all backgrounds, levels and sectors through the Compass program.

Women at their best: hear about where leadership training can take you and your career.    


Dattner Grant believe that women bring different and complimentary perspectives and skill sets to leadership teams at all levels and this contribution is vital to ensure the health and sustainability of organisations into the future.


There is little debate that the opportunities for women to move into senior leadership will improve significantly in the next decade. Both women in, or considering leadership roles in entrepreneurial, corporate, government, education or not for profit organisations will recognise this cutting edge program addresses a range of development needs women commonly identify.



"For me, Compass provided all of the following - defined the obstacles women face in all levels of life and leadership through the aid of highly acclaimed diagnostics in a deeply trusting environment, inspired spiritual vigour in understanding and managing my emotional intelligence and styles in leadership, created transformational outcomes with positive improvements in my work and personal life, provided clear skills for life that I have learnt to naturally employ, and built my confidence to be the real me, even when challenged."
Selby Walsh, Oceanica Consulting 

“Attending a course run by leadership experts with other like-minded women has provided me with an insight into the latest developments in leadership think, personal evaluation tools, different learning styles and effective strategies for self-development. Having made changes already I am taking responsibility for my own leadership journey.”

Judy Wignall, Western Water

“Compass has been truly a transformational program for me, both personally and professionally. It has challenged and stretched and probed, and as a result I have a deeper understanding of myself and an enhanced capacity to lead.”

Liz Waters, South West Institute of TAFE

“I started Compass not knowing where I wanted to go, or how to get there. Now I feel I have the tools to find my way and feel secure and confident in myself and my choices, wherever that leads.”

Amber Fiske, Assistant Manager – Department of Transport

“Compass is a transformational change process program. Inspiring, motivating and enlightening. It was also a privilege to work alongside such a wonderful, intelligent courageous and inspirational group of women.”

Jenny Madden, Executive Manager – South West Institute of TAFE

“The Compass program was inspiring and life changing for me. I learnt, but most of all experienced. Becoming more self aware has already led to better outcomes for those I work with, deal with and me most of all. I cannot express how thankful I am for the opportunity to be a part of it.”

Amanda Ratnam, Clayton Utz

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Disclaimer: Dattner Grant reserves the right to change facilitators, venues and dates of workshops if unforeseen circumstances arise. Dattner Grant abides by the privacy legislation. It does not divulge any information on any participant to any party without the prior written consent of the participant.  

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