• Fabian Dattner - Compass founder and key facilitator, Fabian is one of Australia’s most recognised leadership experts. A finalist in the Telstra Women in Business Awards and voted one of Australia’s 100 Women of Influence in 2015, Fabian has given two TED talks and is the author of four books on leadership. She is also the co-founder of Homeward Bound, a global initiative that equips women with a background in science with the skills to influence decisionmaking and policy-making as it informs the future of the planet. The program, which culminates in a 20-day intensive on a ship in Antarctica, launched in December 2016 and is estimated to have reached more than 300 million people through coverage in the NY Times, Forbes and global media. A feature film based on the program will be released in 2018. An unconventional thinker and compassionate leader, Fabian is an unforgettable facilitator who has inspired and coached hundreds of women to take a more courageous path.
  • Julia May - the head of the global women’s project for Dattner Grant and brings a rich experience in storytelling, coaching, communications and strategy. Julia manages, coaches and facilitates for Compass, and oversees Dattner Grant’s growing suite of services aimed at equipping women with the skills to be better able to shape the world around them. She’s also a faculty member of Homeward Bound, having co-designed and delivered the Visibility content for the first voyage in 2016. Over 12 years as a journalist, including five years as Fairfax’s London correspondent, Julia gained a deep understanding of the power of storytelling to both empower and disempower. A passion for helping others to articulate their purpose and reframe their vision led Julia to retrain as a life coach, working primarily with women. She has a deep ability to listen, to distill ideas, to think creatively and strategically, and, as a mother of two girls, has an abiding sense of the need to take a different approach to leadership in order to secure our future. Also passionate about creativity, her first novel is in the works.
  • Ami Summers - a senior coach and facilitator for Compass. She has spent more than a decade working as an accredited coach and leadership development expert, and has deep experience working with women, including four years in senior leadership roles at Compass. She applies creativity and a strengths-based approach to her work with individuals, small businesses and large organisations, and can work just as effectively with personal or business challenges, talent development or organisational growth concerns. Ami has a particular expertise in trauma, having coached more than 200 people affected by the Black Saturday bushfires. Women who have worked with Ami consistently say that she is a compassionate, wise and pragmatic coach with a gift for empowering them to see that they have the resources to transform themselves and their environment. For four years she has served as a board member of GCASA (Gippsland Centre Against Sexual Assault) and is a professional exhibiting artist, bringing her own practical creativity to all areas of her leadership work.

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