Snapshot of Content


Content ranges from learning the rudimentaries of how men’s and women’s brains work, to developing systems thinking, to ensuring men and women work together with respect and compassion.

  1. Sense of self – learning the rudimentaries of how men’s and women’s brains work, learning about real emotional intelligence, what turns us on in the work we do, individual leadership style and political intelligence
  2. Purpose and values – helping women get over the juggling/balancing metaphor to create personal and collective clarity by understanding individual direction; to help women identify the ‘right’ organisation to work for and once in a role, to align and engage teams and broader communities of stakeholders to shared purpose
  3. Influence strategies and strategic thinking – learning that strategic thinking is not a unique skill – developing systems thinking, understanding how to rely on a range of influence skills beyond subject expertise (over relied on by women), recognising how to identify and work networks
  4. Building exceptional teams – engaging, aligning and motivating teams to high performance, learning the building blocks of effective teams, owning female ways of leading with pride and without conflict
  5. Leader as teacher, coach and mentor – recognising the gift of the female mind (we talk and hear more), using this in communication, understanding how learning styles shape leadership and strategy, basic communication model
  6. Powerful presentations – women as teachers, coaches, mentors and stewards, delivering unique and engaging presentations to teams, boards, public forums, learning that what makes for great presentations is not just expert knowledge
  7. Enlightened leadership – with respect and compassion, working with men, blending the styles and not losing your way, recognising that we make better decisions together than apart, exploring what the world needs and how women can help ensure we get it  



  • ILS (Inventory of Leadership Styles)
  • LSI (Life Styles Inventory)
  • 4MAT Learning Type Measure (LTM)


Each of these diagnostics provides significant personal insights and enables the facilitators to provide insightful and personalised support.

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