A short video by Fabian Dattner on what drives the vision and values of this unique, powerful leadership program for women.

What past participants had to say...

"Fabian - I know I speak for everyone when I say that your passion, wisdom, sincerity (brutal, with love), inclusiveness, and genuine interest are all wonderful qualities that we value and admire in you. You are incredibly intelligent, curious, witty and tremendous fun – which makes our time with you very enjoyable! Thanks so much for what you do, and who you are … looking forward to more!"

Lisa Christie, Director Human Resources, SAP ANZ
(Sponsor for women into our National Compass Program, and champion of internally run SAP Compass Programs)

“Compass has certainly been the best leadership program I have attended.  I have learned things about myself that will change my life and hopefully enable me to positively influence the lives of many women around me”

Heidi Clarris, Department of Transport


“The Compass Journey is as unique as the twenty individuals in the course.  The theory is delivered in such a way that the stories of the group entwine, from this comes true learning”

Jodi Hamilton, Project Manager - Western Water


“The Compass program completely changed my approach to life. I now have the confidence to take on challenges that I never would have dreamed of six months ago. It's the best thing I have ever done”! 

Elise Lampe, Designer – Studio Works


“I started Compass not knowing where I wanted to go, or how to get there.  Now I feel I have the tools to find my way and feel secure and confident in myself and my choices, wherever that leads”

Amber Fiske, Assistant Manager – Department of Transport


“The gift that keeps on giving – LSI.  Each time I hear it spoken of I learn something more.  Now - instead of trying to change what I do, I get that I am able to change this just by how I think”

Lucy Horgan


“I walk away with a great sense of accomplishment.  Learning about myself and my learning is not a start-stop process but an ongoing journey”

Margie Mahon, Director – Workforce Programs, RHWA


“Attending a course run by leadership experts with other like-minded women has provided me with an insight into the latest developments in leadership think, personal evaluations tools, different learning styles and effective strategies for self-development.  Having made changes already I am taking responsibility for my own leadership journey”

Judy Wignall, Western Water


“Compass has been an amazing journey allowing me the opportunities to reflect and challenge my thinking - to be the best leader I can be. Thankyou”

Ruth Burke


“I have learnt that we are all responsible for our own leadership development.  If I make the time and space to work on it - the possibilities are endless.  Thankyou, it was a privilege to be part of it.  Thanks Fabian and Jodi.”

Kate Eskdale, Department of Transport


“The program has been transformational, grounded in theory and facilitated with empathy and power.  Each graduate will remain with me on my leadership development as will the diagnostics and insight.”

Brigid O’Sullivan, Mgr Communications Western Water


“I chose to come on this course to learn more about my management and leadership style.  It turned out that I learnt a lot more about myself.  I have learnt many tools and techniques to help me move forward to be the best manager, leader I can be.”

Fiona Ellis, Online Manager – Dept of Transport


“I have always wanted to know the secret to becoming a truly inspirational and respected leader.  The Compass program provided me with real valuable insights into myself and those around me, enabling me to grow, learn and appreciate my personal and professional journey.  Words simply cannot express the gratitude I have for Fabian and Jodi in providing and sharing this experience with me.  From the bottom of my heart - thank you”

Jacquelin Barnes, South East Water


“Compass is a transformational change process program.  Inspiring, motivating and enlightening.  It was also a privilege to work alongside such a wonderful, intelligent courageous and inspirational group of women.”

Jenny Madden, Executive Manager – Institute of TAFE


“This has been an incredibly sophisticated program.  I've done and taken enormous amounts of professional learning ad am overwhelmed by the elegance of the "whole' of this program, and the relevance and pertinence of the "bits".  This is the start for me; just a beginning but is taking me where I want to go!”

Lesley French


“It is hard to give a simple response to this.  The compass program is designed to be transformative, and as such, more really isn't an "end point" product as such, rather, a change in how one thinks and perceives, which is an ongoing process.  This is exactly how I am feeling about what Compass has achieved for me.  And I can see the change this difference process and thinking has effected in me and in others in this course.  My manager always notes how I am back in my "zen moment" when I am back to work after each module.”



“A one of a kind program.  So interactive and supportive.  I can't say I have experienced anything like it.  I can't wait to grow with this knowledge more and more!

Pandora Reddy


“I am surprised that what was initially so challenging and personally confronting became so rewarding - but I learnt that the safe environment and generosity of the participants and the encouragement and wisdom of the facilitators make it possible.  Made it amazing actually.”

Helen Moore


“At the start of the program I didn't know why I was here.  I now know why and appreciated every moment of it.  To be a leader can be very complex, to understand yourself makes it easy.”
Sharon Young, South East Water

 “The Compass program was inspiring and life changing for me.  I learnt but most of all experienced.  Becoming more self aware has already led to better outcomes for those I work with, deal with and me most of all.  I cannot express how thankful I am for the opportunity to be a part of it.”

Amanda Ratnam, Clayton Utz


“Compass has been truly a transformational program for me, both personally and professionally.  It has challenged and stretched and probed, and as a result I have a deeper understanding of myself and an enhanced capacity to lead.”

Liz Waters, SE TAFE


“What's stopping you from being the best leader that you want to be ... After 6 months with Compass, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING"
Corinne Cadilhac, Dept of Transport


“A valuable, insightful and effective program provides a very important way of encouraging women to develop as leaders in a way that is natural to them.”

Mary Cullinan


“If you are not quite happy with the path you have chosen and you don't know how to start a new one, then Compass will give you the tools to begin.   It's a simple and absolute truth.”
Zoe Wiliamson


“It’s easy to bring a degree of scepticism or apprehension along to these sorts of things, but the experience of the Compass program is joyfully challenging these preconceptions every step of the way, leaving the room with nothing else except deep, transformational change in the best possible way.”
Loredana Moretto


“The journey through Compass has been life changing on so many levels.  The networks have been amazing, great work Fabian and Jody.  I embarked on a journey into myself and now feel more aware of who I am.”

Lynda Jobling,  Gipps TAFE

“The Compass program is a unique, inspiring and in fact a life changing experience.  I have been challenged, questioned, inspired, cried and have immensely enjoyed my journey.  Thank you to Fabian, Jody and Lynlea, David and Marshall.  Fantastic.”

Liz Cruickshank, Gipps TAFE

 “A fabulous program to inspire, educate and affirm leadership based on personal values and growth.  Thanks for facilitating the journey.”

Mary Walker, Gipps TAFE


“Compass has given me so many tools & options in the world of leadership that are invaluable.  Not only will it help me grow, but I know I will pass this onto others.  Thank you.”




Graduation Guest Testimonials:


“It was a privilege to bear witness to the personal insights of my colleagues and their fellow team members - a great learning experience.”
Les McLean, Western Water


“I thoroughly enjoyed the sharing of experiences from all Compass Graduates.  The extent of learning about leadership generally & learning about themselves specially, was very apparent and insightful, obviously all graduates benefitted greatly and so will their current and prospective employers.”

P Dale, Western Water


“The Compass program is obviously providing an opportunity for emerging women leaders to understand themselves their peers and their workplaces.  This is essential in a modern workplace.”

Matt Phelan, Department of Transport


“It was great to see my colleagues pushed outside their comfort zone - both fantastic, highly skilled women when just need to believe in their own leadership.”
George Osman


“It is so wonderful to see confident, directional participants - it was so powerful and pleasing. Career and life is but a journey and as these entwine ONLY if you find yourself. Still the journey is worth the time.”

Helen Keevers, The Benevolent Society


“I found the final presentation day to be an inspiring experience as I watched 10 women sharing their own journeys into leadership - journeys that were move "within" then "without".  The collective energy of the group was infectious, well done. “


“I have thoroughly enjoyed spending time at the Graduation Ceremony.  I am in awe of the journey's the women have described and the changes they were able to identify in their own behaviour and attitude with a very short time frame. I can also honestly say that I have learned much about my own leadership style (and what I may need to change) whilst attending this presentation. Thank you for an inspirational day.”

Doreen Stoves, CEO, Doncare Community Services

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