Homeward Bound

Dattner Grant is proud to be a major support of the Homeward Bound Project - an extraordinary leadership and strategic initiative. It aims to enhance the influence and impact of women in science to ensure the sustainability of our beautiful planet.

This year-long state of the art program will see 78 women scientists from around the globe develop their leadership, strategic and scientific capabilities with a focus on climate, biological and earth system research. The program will culminate in an expedition to Antarctica.

A film ‘Leading us Home’ is being made with the Homeward Bound experience as its centerpiece. It is an interrogatory documentary on the nature of leadership in our world, and the contribution that women could make if in equal numbers at the executive table, i.e. it focuses on a compelling reason for change.

The program for 2016 was the first year of a ten-year outreach initiative to build a 1,000 strong global collaboration of women in science, all of whom have had the same experience at sea with a focus on the leadership, planning and execution required to contribute to the recognition of our planet as home. The second program is well underway, and will conclude with an Antarctica expedition in February 2018.

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Project Objectives

  • To elevate each participant’s leadership capabilities
  • To educate the team on the science of what is happening to our planet
  • To refine participants’ skills to design and execute strategy, and to create plans for future collaborations as women working towards a sustainable future.
  • To enhance these skills, over a 10-year target, with 1000 women networked and skilled to affect change
  • To create active, non-hierarchical collaborations among the women both in small groups and as a collective
  • To be 100% self-funded, i.e. not ‘not for profit’ and not ‘for profit’. Instead, all the women pay a small contribution to the ship and everything else is donated because of the deep belief in the value of women’s leadership in our world at this time
  • To have a global focus
  • To contribute to and elevate the broader societal conversation about the role of women in leading the world toward a more sustainable future


  • At sea for twenty days, led by Greg Mortimer OAM, setting sail from Ushuaia in Argentina
  • Twelve days of state of the art leadership and strategic planning training delivered by Kit Jackson and Fabian Dattner, experts in their fields
  • Six days of a cutting edge science education program incorporating the most up to date and relevant research about the state and functioning of our planet delivered by leading Australian academics
  • A documentary (60 minute multi media release) is being made, following the journey and exploring the role of women in our world
  • Primarily underwritten by Dattner Grant

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