• Fear and Vision
    Article Date: 26-05-15
    We all experience fear and we are all capable of generating the 'visions' of possibility that draw us through fear to action and a sense of control. In a time when things are looking tough at many levels in our world, it's important that we (leaders in particular) continue to plug away at visions that will help transform our world for the better. If not us, then who?
  • Dattner Grant Spotlight on Ami Summers
    Article Date: 19-05-15
    This month we talk to Ami Summers all things Dattner Grant.
  • Being clever doesn't guarantee your leadership
    Article Date: 28-04-15
    What drives learning, what we hope for and fear, often appear to be the same, no matter where we find ourselves in life.
  • Checklist for effective coaching
    Article Date: 21-04-15
    Your checklist for effective coaching is an excerpt taken from Jim Grant's Leader as Coach Workbook.
  • EQ - The Secret Ingredient to ‘A Good Life’
    Article Date: 14-04-15
    Could Emotional Intelligence (EQ) be the secret to a 'good life'? Angela Chapman reviews 'The Good Life – What Makes a Life Worth Living?' by Hugh Mackay and uncovers some interesting findings.
  • A tender gender crisis
    Article Date: 07-04-15
    Language shapes how we select men and women to leadership. In small ways and large, the language of prejudice affects all of us every day. If we want to tip the gender balance then we each need to be mindful of how what we say shapes the reality we deal with.
  • A wonderful woman's story: Mel Smith
    Article Date: 31-03-15
    Behind the public profile of every business there are a cast of characters who shape the quality of the work that underpins the company's success. In Dattner Grant, one such person is Mel Smith.
  • Language does create our reality
    Article Date: 24-03-15
    Leadership is an every day affair. Being a leader is not about whether or not you have status, positional power, title, direct reports. Being a leader is owning the influence you have with all the people you come into contact with - from family to peers, from strangers to stakeholders. And our greatest influence lies in how we think and feel, and how it shapes our language and behaviour.
  • Cognitive Intelligence
    Article Date: 17-03-15
    There are multiple forms of intelligence. Cognitive intelligence is a significant part of a person’s makeup.
  • The importance of looking
    Article Date: 03-03-15
    Wise words from the director of Birdman.
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