• Mindset matters – Leadership and Engagement
    Article Date: 18-11-14
    Best practice engagement requires leadership capabilities and mindset.
  • Coaching readiness
    Article Date: 11-11-14
    An intuitive assessment of your readiness to coach.
  • Through a different lens…
    Article Date: 04-11-14
    Even we forget to check our unconscious bias at times. An everyday story about how our gender filters our lens of the world, and the view of the gender that we are not. A reminder that men and women come together with different styles, strengths, skills and communication.
  • Before / During / After: a leadership skill for planning critical conversations - Pt. 1
    Article Date: 28-10-14
    Introducing the crucial leadership skill of planning for the emotional content of an interaction, thinking about what feelings will enable and inhibit your success.
  • One World AtLast - The Teleconference
    Article Date: 21-10-14
    Listen to the latest One World AtLast teleconference.
  • Purpose - how it enables us
    Article Date: 14-10-14
    No wonder leadership skills matter, no wonder self awareness, strategic ability and a care to engage human community matter. Albert Camus, the famous French existentialist/author, observed that the universe has no purpose, no apparent over arching reason for being, and that we, as humans who can conceive of meaning, have to live with that.
  • Why is positive feedback from leaders as elusive as the unicorn?
    Article Date: 07-10-14
    Positive feedback is a critical leadership skill in maintaining high performing workplaces, why then is it so elusive?
  • Starting your thinking about emotions
    Article Date: 01-10-14
    Excerpt from a new book pending on emotional intelligence.
  • Selling - why is it easier for some than others
    Article Date: 30-09-14
    Selling used to be simple. It didn't require a unique batch of enlightened leadership skills. Press, radio, TV. Find your target market (easily researched), pay a great deal of money to an agency to develop and place commercials, sit back and wait and see if you'd got it right or not. Today, everyone knows just how complex the marketing environment is.
  • Challenging our Thinking series - 'He Said, She Said'
    Article Date: 26-09-14
    In a complex, changing, volatile, connected, uneasy, unhealthy, inventive, creative world...what makes for good leadership?
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