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Fabian Dattner regularly appears on ABC Nightlife with Tony Delroy. To listen for Fabian speak, please click on the links below:

19th March 2013
Breaking through the glass ceiling:
When it comes to the business section of any major newspaper the view is pretty much the same whatever you're reading. Grey-haired, middle aged men in suits dominate the pages. It's not much of a leap to realise that most decision making roles are occupied by men. In fact, only 8.6 percent of executive director positions in Australia are held by women.

Tony is joined by leadership expert Fabian Dattner to try and answer the question - why are women still so far from the halls of power?

3rd July 2012
Deciding in uncertain times:
There's no doubt the present can be confusing and the future, at times, can seem frightening. So, if we're not sure what the future holds for us, how can we make the best decisons today? And, are we right to feel like we're living in uncertain times. Fabian Dattner helps us explore the way we approach times of change.

20th March 2012
Workplace stress and disconnection:
Fabian Dattner talks about the growing disconnection between work colleagues. And that in an earlier era the workplace was almost a surrogate family. These days work stress has caused more disconnection between workers

16th November 2011
Getting more women on company board:
Fabian Dattner joins Tony Delroy to discuss why only 10 percent of positions on company boards in Australia are held by women.

11th October 2011
Pay packets for our top CEOs are hovering at around 7 million dollars at present. And for those at the top of the corporate tree in Australia, they can expect to rake in at least $10 million a year. This week ANZ has taken an austerity measure by announcing it has frozen pay for most of its top executives. Leadership commentator Fabian Dattner joins the program to discuss.

15th February 2011
What makes a good leader?

28th September 2010
The importance of developing better leaders

6th July 2010
Julia Gillard's leadership style

2nd March 2010
Finding a workplace compatible with your personal ambition


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