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  • Avoidance can be a sneaky one...
    Article Date: 13-04-17
    Of many of our reactions to stress, avoidance can be a sneaky one. You may not even realise you're doing it. You may be doing it right now by reading this.
  • Mum's Eulogy - A Compass participant's story
    Article Date: 03-03-16
    Sometimes, in the work we do in Compass, with women from all walks of life and at all levels of leadership, we hear about our impact in ways that give us pause for thought. The following is from a young, intelligent, up and coming operations leader, Sarah.
  • Leadership for the greater good: Brilliant women collaborating for a sustainable world
    Article Date: 26-02-16
    Leadership for the greater good requires intelligence, expertise, passionately shared purpose, true collaboration, freedom to act, and the right tools. Put the mix together and miracles happen.
  • Objection Your Honour!
    Article Date: 21-12-15
    Adversarial processes are the foundation of our Westminster system. There is an alternative approach called 'Dialogue', which consists of Reflection, Advocacy and Inquiry.
  • Leading for the greater good
    Article Date: 07-12-15
    Leadership is changing. What was once an ideal of leadership may now be emerging as more common practice. This is happening as our empathy for the broader world expands. Once we cared only for our immediate family or tribe. Today, many people have a much broader sense of their place in the grater scheme of things.
  • An entrepreneur's milking success
    Article Date: 26-11-15
    Have you ever wondered why so many people work so hard and honestly, without ever achieving anything in particular? Or why others don’t seem to work, yet seem to get everything? Thanks to the help of a mentor, I have practiced the four things that all highly successful businesses and people do.....
  • Leadership isn't always easy
    Article Date: 13-11-15
    Leadership is not always an easy responsibility. What frustrates you?
  • From South Africa to Australia - A Compass Graduate's Story of Prejudice and Purpose
    Article Date: 26-10-15
    Compass Ambassador Michelle Clyde talks about her journey of self-discovery via her Compass journey.
  • Commitment
    Article Date: 08-09-15
    The motivation for women as leaders is not to replicate the leadership model we have but to compliment it, to bring where possible a genuine care for a constructive and sustainable legacy which is inclusive, healthy and mindful of the wellness of the whole and not the gain of an elite few. If men and women in leadership only emulate what we have, we need to question what future we are contributing to.
  • Gratitude - a crucial leadership focus in a busy world
    Article Date: 01-09-15
    In a busy world, leaders can with advantage learn to say 'thank you' a whole lot more, be grateful for the immense effort people are contributing to collective outcomes, and can focus more on 'we' rather than 'I' language to build genuinely collaborative contributions. Gratitude is a powerful force in leadership in a world rapidly starting to burn out under the pressure of complex, changing and increasing work load.
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