What they say about Dattner Grant...

"Dattner Grant & Co. continue to make a significant contribution to the world of leadership, equipping the current and future generation to navigate successfully."

Dattner Grant has been a partner of ours since 2004 when we commenced our Leadership Development journey. The programs are  content rich and influence our strong business performance and culture without a doubt. We also continue to hear that it is a game changer for our people in realising their full potential. We have innovated together and leveraged Dattner Grant’s diverse expertise to push well beyond traditional leadership development into driving greater employee engagement through connection to purpose. Our work with Dattner Grant is key to us retaining and developing our great talent.

Melissa MacGowan, Director of People & Culture, General Mills Australia

The team at Dattner Grant, led by Fabian Dattner, Jim Grant and David Ryan are a rare thing in business, a team that deeply believes in making a change, not just for their clients but for the world at large.  I am fortunate to have a close association with Fabian, Jim and David on both a personal and professional level.  Their deep insight into what makes leaders successful, combined with their empathy, humour and human touch to doing business sets them well apart from the field.  There is a significant and yawning gap in leadership in these times that requires fresh thinking and a new approach.  Dattner Grant & Co. continue to make a significant contribution to the world of leadership, equipping the current and future generation to navigate successfully.

Matt Tice, Asia Pacific President, Palladium Group

The ENRICH program that Dattner-Grant runs for us has provided a complete transformation,  both personally and for the business . After many years of leadership programs, I was  a little sceptical about this one, however my concerns were completely unfounded after about 2 hours into the program I participated in. Apart from the content, Fabian and her colleagues were masters in facilitation and coaching, without which this program would have only been half as good. Their candid, open approach and their ability to ‘push' individuals to find their own answers was very inspirational.  I can genuinely recommend (and have done) Dattner-Grant to individuals or organisations that want to transform their 'managers' into leaders....'

Sarah Nichols, Marketing Director Brown Foreman Australia

Fabian & the Dattner Grant team have been partnering with Parramatta Mission since the beginning of 2012. Working directly with our executive team, key leaders and line managers, their unique approach to designing and facilitating transformational leadership programs and leadership strategy sessions had enabled Parramatta Mission to unearth clarity of purpose, values and behaviours, along with increasing individual leaders’ insights and effectiveness. We are both privileged and proud that our partnership has now been extended into our volunteer community, further enhancing Parramatta Mission’s capacity building in community leadership. Our ongoing relationship with Dattner Grant has enabled our leaders to celebrate and bolster that which makes our organisation unique in a complex and increasingly dynamic sector where resources are precious. This has translated into the development of strategic objectives, increasing Parramatta Mission’s footprint in the sector, significant reduction in staff turnover and increased employee engagement.  We are now proud to have a breathtaking passion about our purpose and values! This relationship is made possible by Fabian’s sincere and unconditional regard for people, her distinctive approach, pragmatic flexibility in program delivery along with her wealth of experience. The entire DG team make themselves available to provide expert mentoring, constructive challenge and individual support each and every step of the way. We would encourage anyone contemplating the quality of their organisational achievements or looking for a courageous, innovative approach to leadership development to take the first step by contacting the Dattner Grant team. We look forward to an enduring connection with Fabian and the DG team.

Jennifer White, Head of People & Culture, Parramatta Mission

"Their deep insight into what makes leaders successful, combined with their empathy, humour and human touch to doing business sets them well apart from the field."

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Testimonial Start Dattner Grant is far and away the most constructive management/leadership consulting firm I have worked with.Testimonial End Sustainable Regional Australia
Testimonial Start Really appreciate the contribution of the Dattner Grant team in both preparing for, and delivering the program – it addressed the exact needs of the group in a timely and effective way. Thank you.Testimonial End Benevolent Society
Testimonial Start Jim, Fabian and the rest of their team create a unique approach to leadership development. Their content and facilitation is second to none and we are proud of our association with them.Testimonial End General Mills Australia & New Zealand
Testimonial Start ...the group was highly engaged via your excellent facilitation, your knowledge of the subject matter and MWH and, YOUR passion for OUR purpose.Testimonial End MWH
Testimonial Start Dattner Grant has played a critical role in understanding, coaching and inspiring our leaders. The commitment of Fabian and Marshall – to both me personally and to the vision of the organisation – has been exceptional. I encourage any organisation which is seeking to harness the best of its talent, and have the greatest impact, to seriously consider partnering with Dattner Grant as you continue on your leadership journey.Testimonial End The Foundation for Young Australians
Testimonial Start Dattner Grant facilitators have the ability to understand our business and the development needs of our people that has been unmatched by other service providers. They have gone beyond expectations on many occasions in a way that demonstrates real commitment to the purpose and vision of Aurora.Testimonial End Aurora Energy