Organisational Alignment Audits

These are a direct expression of Dattner Grant's commitment to supporting leaders to work with people, rather than do things to them.   

The Alignment Audit has been developed to provide a comprehensive 'snapshot' of the client organisation based on the voices of people at all levels within the organisation: its culture, values, ideology, strategic and operational strengths and weaknesses, leadership strengths and weaknesses; it can also serve to define its future threats, opportunities and areas for development. The key to the audit process is providing a confidential space in which people can express their 'world view'. Dattner Grant is highly skilled at patterning the emerging narrative.

The outcome is a clear picture of where the organisation stands today and what 'next steps' are required to succeed in the future. Our findings are presented with respect for the voice of people interviewed, preserving their quotes and language.

The Alignment Audit is hugely beneficial as a stand-alone document that can be used to develop strategy, plans and policies. More often than not, however, it also serves as the foundation from which Dattner Grant develops tailored approaches to get widespread engagement. The processes we develop incorporate real-time needs and perceptions. When Dattner Grant presents content and format, the organisation can be confident that they have the right approach, at the right time for the right people. In turn, all stakeholders feel heard.

At times, appropriate quantitative data on organisational culture (captured either through existing surveys conducted by the client or by Dattner Grant's cultural survey) is also used to add to the qualitative findings.

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