Strategic Change & Alignment

Including strategic articulation and engagement processes

Perhaps the most significant lesson of the time in which we live, which daily exposes us all to the excesses of some organisations and some leaders, is that we are all learning the importance of collaborative responsibility. This has never been truer than in business.

Emotional engagement on alignment is the key process for ensuring all stakeholders understand the purpose and values of a business, the strategic intent and goals, how these translate into operational plans and, finally, how in individual performance agreements the intentions of the business are lived out.

History has shown us, and research confirms, that organisations that focus solely on the bottom line and the short term are not around for very long. On the other hand, those who are in it for the long haul conduct their daily business within a strong and meaningful long-term view. They also regularly review how they do business.

Dattner Grant is not only skilled at helping leaders articulate intentions into simple and well-linked planning processes, but also (and this is crucial), we know how to guide leaders in ensuring significant stakeholder engagement.

To this end, we work closely with leadership teams to:

  • Elicit, define, strengthen and roll out organsiation purpose and values
  • Articulate strategic intent and objectives
  • Link operational plans
  • Develop Human Resource Blueprinting, which enables the Human Resources to measurably contribute to organisational outcomes
  • Define the roles and responsibilities of the Board and the Executive, and thereby improve the working relationships and effectiveness of both
  • Design and develop HR policies and procedures, including performance management, succession planning, recruitment and training
  • Build capacity in leading change with the people of the organisation
  • Define the organisational and leadership structure that will most appropriately and effectively deliver what the organisation wants
  • Ensure people are engaged and collectively accountable for the outcomes.

One of Dattner Grant's greatest strengths is in bridging the gap between the ambitions and needs of leaders at all levels and those of staff, such that all move forward together with a clear and collective sense of the future and the part they each have to play.

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Testimonial Start Jim, Fabian and the rest of their team create a unique approach to leadership development. Their content and facilitation is second to none and we are proud of our association with them.Testimonial End General Mills Australia & New Zealand
Testimonial Start ...the group was highly engaged via your excellent facilitation, your knowledge of the subject matter and MWH and, YOUR passion for OUR purpose.Testimonial End MWH
Testimonial Start Dattner Grant has played a critical role in understanding, coaching and inspiring our leaders. The commitment of Fabian and Marshall – to both me personally and to the vision of the organisation – has been exceptional. I encourage any organisation which is seeking to harness the best of its talent, and have the greatest impact, to seriously consider partnering with Dattner Grant as you continue on your leadership journey.Testimonial End The Foundation for Young Australians
Testimonial Start Dattner Grant facilitators have the ability to understand our business and the development needs of our people that has been unmatched by other service providers. They have gone beyond expectations on many occasions in a way that demonstrates real commitment to the purpose and vision of Aurora.Testimonial End Aurora Energy