The Articulation of Strategy

Including organisational buy-in and linked operational plans

It is crucially important for leaders to articulate clearly how purpose is translated into the day-to-day activities of people. Done well, this creates simple line of sight for staff, demonstrating how their efforts contribute to the overall outcome. There are a range of tools Dattner Grant uses to help with this, including strategy mapping and balanced scorecard. However, Dattner Grant's primary focus is to identify and uncover the 'narrative' that sits behind the dot-points, and to ensure these are linked to final documentation so that both leaders and staff are emotionally, as well as intellectually, engaged with the outcome.

If strategic intent and objectives remain only in the hands of executives or are developed only to comply with  investors or owner requirements for due diligence, they have no power to influence actions in the organisation. Dattner Grant helps to ensure they are not only translated to and linked with meaningful operational plans, but are also then linked to team and individual performance agreements.

Many confuse the articulation of strategy with engagement. They are quite different. Dattner Grant specialises in the engagement process, what it takes to get buy-in to the strategic journey from and for all stakeholders and not just the group of people who first iterated the ideas behind the plans.

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