Political Intelligence

Office politics is an inevitable part of organisational life. More often than not, however, it can get the better of us - individuals and organisations. Hidden agendas can undermine a carefully planned strategy. Game playing and backstabbing can sabotage an otherwise well-functioning team.

However, there is a positive to politics in organisations. Essentially, politics are an avenue of influence. Understanding these strategies employed by individuals and teams in an organisation can help to effectively manage them towards positive outcomes. Expanding people's repertoire of influence strategies can expand overall effectiveness - personal and organisational.

Dattner Grant has the exclusive licence to administer the Political Intelligence diagnostic and to present the associated program (developed by 3D Training & Development in the UK and adapted by Dattner Grant) in Australia. These tools are designed to increase leaders' understanding of their own political strategies and those of others, with a view to more effectively managing both their own career and job effectiveness, and organisational performance.

This workshop can stand alone or be incorporated as part of a long-range leadership development program.

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