Tim Ferris

Dattner Grant Senior Consultant and Coach

Tim has been leading, coaching, and developing people for more than 15 years. He consults in areas of culture, leadership development, and change management. His passion is to work with organisations to see a shift in culture that brings the best out of their people. He consults across public and private sector, corporates, SME's, and not-for-profits. Tim is also an engaging speaker, facilitator, and coach that loves to create environments where people come alive. He joined the Dattner Grant team in July 2014.

Culture Change and Measurement Specialist
As a fully accredited practitioner with Human Synergistics International, Tim is well versed in using the best organisation development tools in today’s marketplace to measure culture, its causal factors and outcomes to help an organisation foster and maintain a high performing cultural operating system, resulting in greater profitability and sustainability, high staff engagement, lower turnover, and a more satisfied customer. Tim understands the complexities of engagement to and commitment for the OCI/OEI results and supports individuals and teams with immense respect.

Speaker, Trainer, and Facilitator
In addition to his consulting experience, Tim has been speaking, presenting, and training for almost 20 years. He loves to engage an audience, whether it is a keynote address to several hundred, or a workshop with just a handful, in a way that energises and motivates people toward positive action. Tim loves to take insights from more complex research and make it accessible to everyone so they can make positive change. Many have come away from his sessions wondering how so much change could be catalysed in such a short time.

Instructional Designer
Tim has a wealth of experience in designing training and development experiences where people learn at a deep level. Because he understands people and their different styles, Tim is able to take people of all organisational levels and learning styles on a journey of growth and development. Tim also trains other trainers in the art of instructional design.

Strategic Consultant and Analyst
Tim has a real strength in looking at organisations and systems in a strategic and logical way. Whether it is looking at the big picture of how an organisation is executing its strategic intent, or the small picture of process efficiency and design, he is able to cut through the confusion and bring clarity and direction.

Leadership and Life Coach
Tim has a passion for leadership and seeing leaders not only reach their fullest potential individually, but see them become one who creates effective and engaging environments where those they lead are able to go to a higher, more effective place. Tim has worked with leaders at all levels, from CEO and C-Suite to frontline supervisor, in organisations large and small.

Qualifications, Accreditations and Memberships:

  • Human Synergistics Accredited Practitioner:
    • Organisational Culture Inventory (OCI)
    • Leadership Impact (L/I)
    • Management Impact (M/I)
    • Life Styles Inventory (LSI)
    • Group Styles Inventory (GSI)
    • Customer Service Styles Survey (CSS)
  • Play of Life® Facilitator
  • Everything DiSC® Certified Trainer
  • Accredited in the MTQ48 Mental Toughness Questionnaire

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