Our Experience and Clients

The partners, Fabian Dattner and Jim Grant have a broad range of experience and capability as senior leaders in executive, board and consulting positions. As such, they have extensive first-hand experience in developing leaders, managing change and evolving the capacity of people to meet the volatile demands of the modern working environment.

The core consulting team, similarly, have considerable practical experience in a wide range of environments. We believe it is critically important that our people are genuinely experienced organisational leaders so that their advice is measured, informed and practical. All senior consultants are leaders whom we have taught to facilitate, not the other way around. All of our staff have a significant array of qualifications and accreditations to support their approach to the work we do with our clients.

When we talk about purpose, values and strategic engagement, when we help design leadership competencies, when we advise on turnaround strategies, or leadership development, it is always based on what we know will work and we actively revise and continuously develop our knowledge base and capability.

We can work at all levels: from the shop floor to the boardroom; with the academic to the street-smart, and any combination in between.

Our support staff are dedicated, efficient and friendly, and take pride in providing exceptional client service.

Our Clients 

We have worked extensively with individuals, leadership teams and communities of people within organisations (large and small, government, corporate, community and entrepreneurial) throughout Australia and globally. We have considerable hands-on experience in developing leadership teams, strategy and high levels of stakeholder engagement in complex environments and start-up ventures.

For a list of some of our more recent clients and the work we have completed with them, please download the Dattner Grant Client List.

Client referees

Here is what some of our past and present clients had to say about the impact our work has had in their organisations:

One World ATLAST Compass Developing Leaders Purpose Values Strategy
Testimonial Start Dattner Grant is far and away the most constructive management/leadership consulting firm I have worked with.Testimonial End Sustainable Regional Australia
Testimonial Start Really appreciate the contribution of the Dattner Grant team in both preparing for, and delivering the program – it addressed the exact needs of the group in a timely and effective way. Thank you.Testimonial End Benevolent Society
Testimonial Start Jim, Fabian and the rest of their team create a unique approach to leadership development. Their content and facilitation is second to none and we are proud of our association with them.Testimonial End General Mills Australia & New Zealand
Testimonial Start ...the group was highly engaged via your excellent facilitation, your knowledge of the subject matter and MWH and, YOUR passion for OUR purpose.Testimonial End MWH
Testimonial Start Dattner Grant has played a critical role in understanding, coaching and inspiring our leaders. The commitment of Fabian and Marshall – to both me personally and to the vision of the organisation – has been exceptional. I encourage any organisation which is seeking to harness the best of its talent, and have the greatest impact, to seriously consider partnering with Dattner Grant as you continue on your leadership journey.Testimonial End The Foundation for Young Australians
Testimonial Start Dattner Grant facilitators have the ability to understand our business and the development needs of our people that has been unmatched by other service providers. They have gone beyond expectations on many occasions in a way that demonstrates real commitment to the purpose and vision of Aurora.Testimonial End Aurora Energy