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Dattner Grant is a unique, authentic and high-impact leadership development consultancy. Built on a deep respect and admiration for the wonderful things good leadership brings to the world, our approach is simple, deeply insightful, and built on a wealth of experience and proven results.

Dattner Grant grew out of the belief that there was something fundamentally missing from leadership in our world, and that we had the potential to change that. For the past 20 years, our passionate focus has been to nurture others to lead for the greater good, and to help them understand why they are doing what they are doing. We engage people to their purpose, engage organisational culture to organisational purpose and, in so doing, help people and organisations be passionate and effective in achieving what is important to them.

We help our clients to overcome their greatest challenges in leadership, performance, personal achievement, culture, strategy and engagement by building a shared sense of purpose, common values, self-awareness, internal and external relationships, visibility and authentic leadership that serves all, not just a few.

Our clients tell us that we are not like other leadership consultants – that our passion for their purpose, our ability to harness the best of an organisation’s talent, and our ability to enable women and men to lead for the greater good, have allowed us to play an instrumental role in their leadership journeys.

Our purpose is to amplify emerging voices to create a better world. It is our leaders – current and emerging – who will shape our future, and we believe our world could be very different if we nourish their strengths and connection to their people. Our approach is inclusive, strategic, simple, deeply insightful and built on a wealth of experience and proven outcomes.

Dattner Grant was founded on values of fairness, courage, learning and growth, and making a difference. We not only live these values as a company, but aim to empower those we work with to lead from the foundation of their values and purpose – something we are renowned for.

We solve our clients’ problems from a position of experience, having led teams and businesses, coached others, and been in the shoes of those leaders with whom we work. We are deeply trusted advisors to the senior leaders we engage, and are friends, mentors, teachers and allies to our clients more than we are simply consultants.

Connect with us and lead yourself and your organisation towards purposeful, consistent, visible success.