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We know how difficult it is to attract top female talent, to create enduring cultural change, and to provide the kind of development for aspiring or senior female talent that ensures they step into leadership roles … and stay there.

Although an enabler, Compass is not just about helping organisations or industries hit equality or diversity targets. The program offers women from a variety of industries or organisations a meaningful opportunity to step away – together – to explore and articulate their purpose for leading; to understand the interplay of their values; to untangle and reframe their self-talk and thinking styles under pressure, and to hone the communication, business acumen and strategic skills needed to build influence and have deeper impact.

The networking and collaborative potential of empowering women to work together is significant: according to the International Monetary Fund, companies with at least one woman on their board are found to perform up to 13% better than those that don’t. The return on investing in women is undeniable.

We offer a range of options for in-house programs and can tailor the content according to your strategic or operational priorities.

Options include:

  • Three-day intensive programs covering Purpose, Values, Self-Awareness and Leadership Capability (using the Life Styles Inventory – LSI – diagnostic tool from Human Synergistics), Visibility and Strategy Mapping
  • Five- or seven-day programs comprising deeper exploration of the LSI and further diagnostic work, including 4MAT (learning and communication styles), MTQ48 (mental toughness), Political Intelligence and Business Acumen
  • One- or two-day advanced programs for alumnae with skills development, including Voice and Social Media training

Gender Audits and Gender Research Services

Our experience in delivering global women specific leadership initiatives spans over 15 years. We are passionate about the role of both genders in leadership and the importance of women’s voices at the decision making table. Dattner Grant are thought leaders in the field of women’s leadership and understand the complexity of working towards a critical mass of women in leadership positions.

We advise organisations on gender strategy, and offer a number of opportunities for organisations to take a lead on parity.

Our Gender Audits and research services are designed to shed light on what is working well in your organisation, potential unconscious bias that may exist and cultural factors that may be impacting your gender strategy. In collaborative consultation with your HR team, we get clear about what the organisation is hoping to learn from the research we conduct. We then collect quantitative and qualitative data within your organisation, compare it to benchmarks in your industry and pattern the findings into a report with recommendations of how to achieve the organisations long term outcomes.

Key personelle involved in Compass for women

Ami Summers - Coach, Co-Facilitator and Senior Cultural Auditor
Fabian Dattner - Founder, Dattner Grant & Co-Founder, Homeward Bound
Julia May - Strategic Advisor, Coach and Co-Facilitator
Sarah Anderson - Strategic Partner – Visibility, Digital and Business Development
Sarah Green - Program Manager – Compass
Tasman Dattner - Coach & Facilitator