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Many women carry a feeling that there has to be more to their potential. Others who engage with them can sense it, too. They are strong and high-achieving. They’re managing work, families, the home, their friends.

Yet rarely do they make time – or are encouraged to take the time – to step away and examine the bigger picture of themselves and their leadership, to gain clarity about what drives them, and to become more effective and courageous in all spheres.

Compass public programs run nationally and bring women of all ages, sectors and levels of seniority together to develop a deeper understanding of themselves, in order to be able to lead and influence others more effectively. The philosophy is to pursue leadership as a state of mind, not just a job title; though, rapid career advancement is a common outcome.

The program takes a holistic approach, starting with the articulation of Purpose and Values, moving to Thinking Styles and Self-talk (using the Life Styles Inventory diagnostic), and Wellness.

We then shift to practical skills-building with Visibility and Personal Strategy Mapping. The outcome of the program for each woman is a cohesive whole-of-life plan, with a focus on continued personal development and practical implementation.

The key principles of Compass are to help each woman understand that she is able, that she is stronger when working with others, and that she can have impact. Each woman works closely with other women throughout the program, developing her coaching and communication skills, as well as meaningful networking opportunities.


Upcoming Programs

  • Bendigo 4 – currently running
  • Melbourne 18 – currently running
  • Melbourne 19 – commencing March 2019
  • Sydney 6 – commencing May 2019
  • Compass Retreat 2 – 20th-22nd March 2019
Melb 19 Sydney 6 Retreat 2

Key personnel involved in Compass Public programs

Dattner Grant - Team Image Dattner Grant - Team Image
Ami Summers - Coach, Co-Facilitator and Senior Cultural Auditor
Dattner Grant - Team Image Dattner Grant - Team Image
Fabian Dattner - Founder, Dattner Grant & Co-Founder, Homeward Bound
Dattner Grant - Team Image Dattner Grant - Team Image
Tasman Dattner - Coach & Facilitator
Dattner Grant - Team Image Dattner Grant - Team Image
Sarah Green - Program Manager – Compass
Dattner Grant - Team Image Dattner Grant - Team Image
Michelle Crouch - Coach/Operations Director