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Dattner Grant are leadership and culture experts. We strive to really shape our programs around the individual needs of leaders, teams, organisations and cultures. We help leaders and organisations – whether established or emerging – to lead with and for their people, to improve collaboration, to nurture high-performance, to grow self-awareness, and to prioritise the ability to inspire others by starting with themselves.

If you’re looking for visible cultural engagement, constructive and respectful conversations, more resilient, agile and high-performing teams, leaders driving strategy and innovation – this is the core of what we do.

Dattner Grant offers proven capability, having served hundreds of people in countless organisations over more than 20 years. We design bespoke ideas from a detailed understanding of your current situation, through active discussion, research and co-creation.

We know that leadership development is a powerful means to change, and a highly effective alternative to using structure and process to drive change. We use our knowledge and experience to build dynamic working relationships, engage even the most resistant to change, and act as trusted advisors to senior leaders in many of Australia’s top organisations.

We don’t shy away from difficult conversations – in fact, we help people initiate and thrive in critical conversations. We are compassionate, commercially savvy and known for our transformational facilitation. We create significant, visible behavioural change and leave a cultural legacy that endures. Do you have the leadership capability to create this in your organisation? Get in touch with our team to find out how we can help you.

“There is no industry in which a focus on leadership capability and culture will not result in a dramatic change in business performance.”
Marshall Cowley, Senior Consultant – Dattner Grant

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People involved in Leadership & Culture

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Ami Summers - Coach, Consultant and Senior Cultural Auditor
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Fabian Dattner - Founder, Dattner Grant & CEO, Homeward Bound
Dattner Grant - Team Image
Gabby McDonald - Consultant
Dattner Grant - Team Image
Jamie Crain - Enterprise Director, Dattner Group
Dattner Grant - Team Image
Jordan Haas - Project Coordinator & EA
Dattner Grant - Team Image
Marshall Cowley - Senior Consultant & Coach (Australia & New Zealand)
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Michelle Crouch - Consultant & Coach/Operations Director
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Tasman Dattner - Coach & Facilitator
Dattner Grant - Team Image
Tim Ferris - Senior Consultant & Coach