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    Eva Matthews

    Homeward Bound Project Manager

About Me

I have been connected with Dattner Grant since its earliest days. For nearly five years, as an employee, I contributed to the establishment of an effective, efficient, meaningful business – through a progression of roles that covered administration and executive assistance, marketing and coordinating the public programs, project management, general management and as Director of Research. For the last 15 years, having rediscovered a passion for writing and editing – which I consolidated with further education – I have had the privilege of staying connected and contributing as a consultant.

In my research capacity, I have coordinated and conducted (partnering with senior consultants) many major organisational research initiatives, including leadership/culture audits, aggregated 360-degree appraisals and executive development assessments. I have prepared literature reviews on a number of hot business topics – Creativity/Genius, Succession Planning, Gender and Leadership, Employee Engagement, Generational Values – which have contributed to program development and client education. As writer/editor, I have assisted with tender production, edited and proofread books published by Dattner Grant partners, as well as program materials and company communications. I continue to be available for whatever writing/editing projects may arise.


More recently, I have had the opportunity to exercise my project management skills again, with several stints filling the Homeward Bound Project Manager’s shoes when she’s taken leave. This has led to an ongoing job-share role and it has been wonderful to be able to not only contribute to this wonderful program that aims so high to make a difference in the world, but also to be back in the Dattner Grant office space, experiencing a profoundly efficient, positive, caring and supportive workplace culture that is a real example of ‘walking the talk’.

Why do Dattner Grant keep asking me to work with them? I think it’s because I bring a focus on quality as well as efficiency, a deep sense of ownership, capacity and willingness to take on a variety of challenges, creativity, an ability to identify potential obstacles/pitfalls and design pathways to avoid them and improve outcomes, and an ability to work with, follow and lead others as required.

Project History

  • Project Manager for Homeward Bound (part-time job-share); April 2018 –
  • Acting Project Manager for Homeward Bound; Jun–Aug, Oct and Dec 2017, Feb–Mar 2018
  • Design and production of the annual reports for Homeward Bound; HB16 (2017) and HB18 (2018)
  • Structural and copy editing of seven DG-published books, plus revisions, 2008–17
  • Research and writing contribution to several dozen leadership/culture audits across government, education and corporate sectors
  • Design and conduct of DG organisational audit process review and improvement, including training workshop, 2009
  • Initiation and production of DG newsletter The Bugle, to improve internal knowledge-sharing and connection, 2005