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About Me

For nearly 20 years I have been working with senior leaders in many of Australia’s top organisations. Prior to co-founding Dattner Grant, I worked in Global Human Resources roles, at times responsible for over 6000 heads in businesses worth over AUD$6B. From that position in the hierarchy, with a bird’s eye view of the business, what struck me the most was that the very best leaders were always hearing and engaging with the voices of their people. These people knew themselves impeccably well, were always thoughtful and planned as leaders, and constantly pulse-checked their impact. Their authenticity was always apparent. It was for this reason that Dattner Grant was founded with a key principal of ‘Amplifying Emerging Voices’, with an ambition to add to this pool of great leaders.

In any major cultural/executive leadership work, there will always be individual breakthroughs that contribute to the whole, and supporting that process is another great passion of mine. One of the most common outcomes I observe when individuals are developed and teams start performing, is the incredible creative thinking that emerges. Many of the solutions to different business issues are already in leaders’ heads and my challenge is to bring that out in the open in ways that are safe and engaging.


I get immense pleasure from seeing the excitement when executive teams transform from untrusting and potentially dysfunctional, to collaborative, trusting and high-performing. This cascades down to the individual leader.

To my clients I am a trusted advisor. The top job is the toughest job, and my clients seem to value my extensive experience and trust in the consulting relationship. I’ve worked with some of the most senior leaders and, in some instances, challenging personalities, always trying to encourage growth by supporting these leaders to become key contributors. Conversely, if circumstances necessitate it, I can support leaders to make the tough decisions, ride the course and make the ‘big’ shift that is needed to move on. My approach is pragmatic and commercial, and when I talk with them about culture, leadership and performance, I do so on a bedrock of real experience and insight linked to business outcomes.

Project History

  • Global leadership development program, Cereal Partners Worldwide (CPW), Latin America, Europe, Middle East and UK, 2016 – 2017
  • Ausgrid Organisational Development Advisor
  • Strategy Review, IFM Investors, 2016
  • Leadership development, culture development, Essential Energy, 2016 – 2017
  • Leadership team and culture development, Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO), 2016 – 2017